Friendship, Growing Up and Unsung Heroes: November Releases 2018


As the days get shorter, the nights longer, and the year begins to wrap up, there is no better feeling than getting cozy with a good book. ‘Tis the season of hot chocolate and comfort after all, isn’t it? This year has brought incredible books by Latinx authors month after month, and November is no exception. Happy reading!

If you’re looking for a heartwarming, coming of age story about a group of friends then look no further — Mia Garcia’s The Resolutions, published by HarperCollins, is hitting shelves this November with exactly that. When best friends Jess, Lee, Ryan and Nora realize that their upcoming senior year and the changes that will follow loom over them, they decide to rekindle their friendship by doing what any average friend group would do: create New Year’s Resolutions — yeah, those.

These four take it to the next level, challenging each other with different New Year’s Resolutions that will push them to discover things about themselves. The book then follows the friends throughout the next year, as they explore their friendship, relationships, and themselves. Each of these characters compliment each other as they learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Also coming to a bookstore near you this month is The Vast Wonder of the World: Biologist Ernest Everett Just, written by Mélina Mangal and illustrated by Luisa Uribe. The charming picture book tells the story of Ernest Everett Just, an African-American scientist in the early 1900s that broke down barriers and led to incredible breakthroughs in modern cell science. Told against a backdrop of gorgeous illustrations, the book highlights Just’s persistence in the face of adversity and how his success changed science forever. If you’re looking for a great picture book to add to your collection, this is it.  

Whether you’re looking for a plucky coming-of-age story centered around authentically written Latinx teens, or a picture book about an unsung hero, November’s releases are here to deliver.