Oh, What Fun: December Releases 2018

Whether your December consists of curling up by a window and enjoying the warmth inside as temperatures drop outside, or admiring the bright lights wrapped around palm trees, few can argue against the fact that this time of year is one of the coziest. No matter what you celebrate, the holiday season is undoubtedly the perfect time to fall in love with new books written by your favorite Latinx authors (though — isn’t that all the time?).

December is the month for Spanish-language translations of our favorite reads like La encrucijada, a Spanish-language translation of The Crossroads by Alexandra Diaz; the story of Jaime Rivera, a young boy brought to the U.S in search of a better life. With his parents and extended family far away from him in Guatemala, the process of adjustment to the U.S for Jaime is anything but easy. The book delves into how Jaime finds hope in unexpected places and what it means to start over somewhere you don’t feel invited.

Luna Fortuna, which will be released on December 26, is the Spanish-language version of the incredibly successful Lucky Luna, by Diana López! Luna Fortuna brings back the tale of Luna and her cousin Claudia that we have come to know and love, all in Spanish this time. When Luna locks her know-it-all cousin in a bathroom at a quinceañera, getting grounded for a month is the least of her worries — it turns out, Claudia is also transferring into her school! Over the course of the novel, Claudia and Luna both come to find out that while friends may come and go, primas are forever. For fans of heartwarming stories revolving around family, this one’s for you.

Yamile Saied Méndez’s Blizzard Besties hits shelves this December, just in time for snow! In this fun novel, Veronica Campos is on the winter vacation of a lifetime — she is more than ready to settle into the Ski lodge and make the most of her fun-filled winter break. Things go haywire, though, when her little brother turns out to be stranded in a blizzard. Determined to save her brother, and with a few new friends by her side, Blizzard Besties promises to be the fun winter read you’ve been looking for.

Last, but certainly not least, Sarai Saves the Music is the third installment in the hit series based on the life of Sarai Gonzalez and written with Monica Brown. In this latest book in the series, Sarai is determined to save her school’s band program after budget cuts threaten to remove it, and a benefit concert is the way to go! Alongside her friends and with the help of the internet, Sarai is willing to do whatever it takes to save the music.

The holidays are the perfect time to sit back and enjoy some new, interesting reads, and December offers a variety of new stories to choose from. Which of these new December reads is your favorite? Tweet us at @LatinxinPublishing and let us know!